We love programming and managing our own work. Dynamint was founded as a means to do both. We share a unique bond as close friends and now as business partners. We complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses well, forming a dynamic duo ready to tackle a wide variety of challenges.

Who we are

“Besides coding projects and side projects, I like to dabble with the guitar and board games.”

Jussi, CEO

  • Master of Science in Technology
  • Game Programmer
  • Frontend Programmer
“My journey to programming started in the early 90s with Commodore 64. Through the years it has been both a hobby and a profession for me.”

Mikko, CTO

  • Full Stack developer
  • Passionate about building AI and neural networks
  • Experience in music and film production, photography and arts.
  • Game Jammer

We’ve made great games such as

Deep: Physics Puzzles

(Casual, Physics Puzzle, Minimalistic)

Calm puzzles, hypnotic audioscape and minimalistic visuals. It’s no wonder that Deep: Physics Puzzles is loved by so many. The game is unpretentious, easy to follow and quite frankly, beautiful!

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Ambush: Sherwood

(Hybrid-Casual, Squad RTS, Tower Defense)

In Ambush: Sherwood, you will lead your band of outlaws in a series of daring raids against the Sheriff and his men. Steal their gold, rescue prisoners, and foil their evil plans! But be careful – the Sheriff is a cunning opponent, and he will not give up easily.

This game is designed to communicate the value of bravery and teamwork. The engaging gameplay drives the message home while players have fun raiding the sheriff’s men.

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Gem Push

(Hypercasual, Puzzle)

A puzzle game where the player must push blocks around a board to gain access to emeralds. The game features a set of hand-crafted challenges and an infinite amount of computer-generated levels.

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(Casual, Puzzle, Narrative)

Futura is a puzzle game that combines elements of science fiction and philosophy. The player controls a character who must navigate mazes and solve word puzzles in order to progress.

The player can learn about different aspects of science and philosophy by solving puzzles and navigating mazes. The game is designed to challenge the player’s problem-solving skills and promote critical thinking.

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